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Contacting Support: Booking an Appointment with Genius Bar

For those who need assistance with any Apple product, whether it's faulty, broken or you just can’t establish what the problem with the product is, Apple will assist you in resolving the problem. According to Apple, a majority of the issues that Apple users face can easily be solved by Chat, email or over the phone. Nonetheless, one thing that sets Apple apart from its close competitors is the company’s willingness to offer one on one support through the use of its brainchild, Genius Bar. 

To speak to a genius at Genius Bar, one is expected to book an appointment, and thus, one cannot simply turn up at the Apple store and have access to the Genius Bar. Nonetheless, it is important to note that there are a limited number of walk-in slots that are normally available, and thus, it is possible that Apple might squeeze you in. 

How to Make Appointments

To reserve time at Genius Bar, customers should follow these steps;1. Go to Apple’s official website and click on the support section.2. Scroll down to the section indicated, Contact Apple Support.3. Click on the Get Support button.4. Click on the product that you may want the Apple Support team to look at.

 Alternatively you can set up a meeting by contacting Apple on their support helpline number

Describe Your Problem

Once the user has selected the product that they need assistance with, a set of the most common topics will appear. For example, for the MacBook, users will get options such as problems with applications, battery issues or issues with the charging system. Customers are to select a topic that is close to the one they are facing. In case the topic does not appear on the list, then users are to click on the option The Topic-is-Not-Listed option. Depending on the problem and challenge that the customer has selected, several follow up suggestions will pop-up. At this point, the website will present the customers, with different ways of solving the problem without necessarily going to the Genius Bar. Always feel free to try out the various solutions suggested. If the solutions work, then they might just save your time and energy, as well as a trip to the genius bar.

If any of the suggested solutions do not work, then you should now book an appointment with genius bar. When asked whether any of the solutions worked, owners should always say no. When the website offers to text or email support, users should click on continue. 

Opting for a Genius Appointment

he user will be presented with various options including sending the MacBook in for Repair. If the user opts to send the product in for repair, then Apple will send the user with a box and all the owner needs to do is to send the product to Apple. Nonetheless, this can only apply to individuals who can manage to live several days without their Apple products. Many MacBook owners and Apple owners can barely get a day without their Apple products. To save time and energy, owners can speak to support via mail or chat or can book an Apple Bar appointment. 

Selecting an Apple Store, Time, and Date for their Appointment

1. If the user selects the visit the Genius Bar option, then they will enter their zip and in turn get a list of nearby stores.2. If users select Bring in for Service, users will also enter their zip code.3. The map will then display all the nearby Apple Stores.4. Click on every store to see how close or far it is for the user and to see what times and days the store is available for Genius Bar Appointments. 5. When the users get the appropriate store, they will select the day they would like to visit Genius Bar and the time of the appointment as well.

What is an SEO?
Originally coined as a term in 1997, SEO is an acronym for the term Search Engine Optimization/Optimizer. SEO is used to influence the online visibility (and therefore potentially the number of 'hits') of a website on an internet search engine's unpaid results (also known as 'organic'or 'natural'). This is likely to have a direct influence upon 'click throughs' (the amount of clicks on the link to the webpage) and the success of the individual or company who own the webpage. As a general rule, the higher a web page is positioned on a search list, the higher the number of visitors it is likely to receive.Just as an internet search can be tailored to focus on text, images, academia and videos, so can SEO. It will take into consideration several factors, including how a search engine works, the algorithms it uses, the search terms used and the search engine preferences of the individual. Each search engine will have it's own algorithm that determines what content it deems most relevant to its users, dependent on both the search terms they have used and their search history. All of this is combined to list search engine results in a preferable manner for the user. There are several strategies that may increase a web pages visibility on a search engine and web sites may use these individually or in a combination. One of the most widely used tactic is to write content that includes words or terms that are frequently searched for, thus increasing the likelihood of appearing in a search query. Other successful methods of utilising SEO is by cross-linking pages of the same website, thus increasing the number of links to that site. Frequently updating content and adding key search terms to important aspects of the web page such as the title tag is also likely to increase the visibility of the webpage. Whilst SEO as a marketing tool can be successful, it is recommended that web pages do not solely depend on it to generate traffic. Search engines can and frequently do change their algorithms which may have a dramatic impact on the visibilty of a web page, potentially sending it down the search order. Search engines are not paid for results of organic searches and therefore do not have a vested interest in how successful they are. It is advisable for a webpage to combine SEO with other strategies to generate interest and revenue, such as pay per click and search engine marketing (paying to optimize search engine results).