Teesdale Business Partnership

Who we are 

Teesdale Business Partnership is a collaboration of local experts working together to support your business growth through marketing, accounting, taxation, HR, e-business and associated services.

How we work 

Since every business and its needs are different, the Teesdale Business Partnership offers a range of options to suit you. Based on our ability to quickly understand your business we are able to add real value cost effectively. We provide our services by email, phone, online and in person. We can work with you on an ad hoc, dedicated project or retained basis. 


We offer flexible services and price accordingly: Hourly and daily rates, Fixed price for project work, Packages for a combination of our services – to suit all budgets. 

The benefits 

Entrepreneurs, SMEs, charities and organisations of all sizes can benefit from flexible business support services 

Experience – tap into a wealth of expertise usually beyond budget 
Quality – high quality work completed to deadline 
Flexibility – choose only the services you require 
Value – only pay for what you need with no overheads, employment contracts or salary payments