Managing your people

People strategy

Are you a start up with no HR strategy? Has your business strategy changed and do you need to align your people strategy? Are you looking to benchmark and improve what you do? Are you an employer of choice? 

What we can do

Undertake an HR audit that will help you understand what is required for development of your HR strategy. It can focus on all aspects of your people strategy and employee life cycle or just one particular area. We can create an action plan that will enable you align your people strategy with your business strategy and support the delivery of your business objectives. 

Employee relations

Do you have HR policies and procedures in place for your organisation such as employment contracts, a staff handbook or guidance material for managers? Are they up to date with new legislative requirements? Are they communicated effectively to your staff? Do you need telephone advice or discussion about HR related matters such as managing sickness issues, or employee absences? Do you need advice or support to handle a grievance or disciplinary situation? Have you received an employment tribunal claim and are not sure what you need to do next?

What we can do

Provide you with compliant contracts of employment, policies and procedures that you need for your business. For example, policies on managing absence, maternity, paternity, flexible working, equality and diversity grievance and disciplinary and bullying and harassment. Work with you on communications plans to roll out new policies or changes to employee terms and conditions. Provide advice and guidance on a range of employee relations matters that will enable you to deal quickly and confidently with employee issues.

Recruitment and induction

Are you attracting the best people to work for your organisation? What does your employer brand say about your business? How can you strengthen your brand and reputation in a competitive and digital marketplace? Do you have the right recruitment and selection processes in place to assess who you need for your business? Once hired do new starters receive a thorough induction program so that they settle quickly into your organisation and start making a difference to you business?

What we can do

Work with you to understand your recruitment needs, what roles are required, review and write job descriptions, source candidates, work with you to screen and select candidates including undertaking structured interviewing and candidate testing. Review your employer brand, understand what you want your brand to say about your organisation as a place to work and using traditional and social media to enhance your brand and reputation. Support the offer and on-boarding process of new joiners including new starter packs, reference checking and tailored inductions that fit the role and your organisation’s culture.

Performance management

Do your employees understand the performance expectations that your organisation requires for success? Are your managers effectively managing the performance of the people in your organisation? Do you have effective and efficient appraisal processes? Are they aligned to your business needs? Are they understood and used by all staff and managers?

What we can do

We can work with you to assess what you have and where it needs to change in order to make it effective and aligned with the objectives and culture of your business. This includes:

  • Design performance management processes to ensure that it links people roles and review processes with business objectives
  • Train your managers to give effective feedback
  • Provide you with all supporting documentation you will need

Compensation and benefits

Are you a start up with little or no compensation and benefits strategy? Does this align with your organisational objectives and reward the values and behaviours that are important in your business? Does your company need a review of what it is offering staff to be an employer of choice? Are your staff fairly and equitably rewarded for your organisation to avoid equal pay claims?

What we can do

Review, design, develop and implement compensation and benefit strategies that encompass salaries, bonus schemes and staff benefits. Conduct salary reviews to ensure that your pay structure is fair and defensible from equal pay claims. Undertake job evaluation that includes internal analysis as well as benchmarking externally. Work with you to communicate the value of the benefits that you offer as an employer.

Training and development

Do you have skills gaps in your organisation? What if key individuals leave your business can you promote from within to fill the gaps? Can your employees meet ever changing needs of your business. Creating a learning and development culture in your organisation enables your staff to continue to add value to your business and better meet the challenges that your organisation faces on a day to day basis.

What we can do 

Work with you to identify training needs and skills gaps that you have. Propose solutions to address those needs. Deliver essential training to staff and managers in areas such as performance management, disciplinary and grievance, interview skills. Use our network of consultants to deliver other training solutions that you might require.

Employee engagement

Do you know what your employees think of you as an employer? Are your staff engaged and committed? Why do people leave your organisation and what do they really think about your business? What do you need to ensure that you keep the best talent in your organisation?

What we can do 

Design, develop and conduct employee surveys that meet your needs. Provide you with data, insight and understanding about employee attitudes towards your organisation. Make suggestions for change that will increase engagement, morale and motivation and help you become an employer of choice.

Conduct exit interviews on your behalf either on line, face to face or on the phone that will provide you with insight and understanding why individuals are really leaving. Provide you with feedback that will enable you to make changes and address issues to ensure that you keep the best people working for you and not your competitors!